Rules & Regulations

For Students

  • Uniform is must for every student.
  • Late comers are not allowed to sit in the class.
  • Vehicle has to be parked at the instructed place.
  • Pay attention in every lecture. Talking and teasing aren’t allowed.
  • Text books, note books and homework must brought every day.
  • Nobody is allowed to come out of the class, except recces time.
  • Go to home after school as early as possible.
  • Don’t be absent. School should be informed a day before in the case of absence. In case of emergency parents should inform the school by phone.
  • More than four absence is enough reason to rusticate any student.
  • Every test is compulsory.
  • During exams or tests if a students is copying, his/her paper shall be cancelled.
  • Mobile is strictly prohibited.
  • Rules of the school must be followed and are liable to change.

For Parents

  • If admission is cancelled on part of students or parents, school fees has to be paid according to the rules.
  • School fees has to be paid within given time limit. Receipt of the fees shall be given as per rules.
  • Expecting co-operation in school programme for the sake of child’s bright future.
  • Misbehaviour to any employee of the school isn’t allow.
  • School management will decide to give or not to give admission to any student.